The book with the bookmark

Pillar on which the Ovidias brand rests

Ovidias is a family business with a long history. Over the years, we have always focused on innovation and optimisation, with only one goal in mind: to make the tastiest Belgian chocolates for our customers. Our experience allows us to guarantee you, the customer, a number of assets.

There are 6 pillars on which our brand rests and which we guarantee you as an asset. We linked each of these pillars to a symbol from Antiquity, in order to make the link with our emblem Ovidius.


The book with the bookmark: +40 years of experience

The story of Ovidias started in 1978 with Frans Vangertruyden. The name "Ovidias" was first used in 1989, and in 2017 Frans' daughter Miet Vangertruyden took over the company. As a second generation, she continues the family tradition.
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Discover more about our other pillars:

  • The chocolate
  • The goose feather 
  • The laurel wreath
  • The column 
  • The stars


Taste our craftsmanship for yourself

Feel like tasting our chocolates for yourself? Then we have one last asset in store for you, that you can easily order our chocolates online and have them delivered to your home. Enjoying Belgian chocolate has never been so easy!