Facts about chocolate

The origin of chocolate lies in the tropical rainforest in Central America. Thousands of years ago it was discovered there that cocoa beans can be processed into a real delicacy. 

The word ‘chocolate’ comes from the Aztec word ‘xocolatl’, which means ‘bitter’.

Cocoa is mainly cultivated in Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador. The actual production of chocolate takes place for 80% in North America and Europe.

Before a farmer can harvest the first cocoa beans from the cocoa tree, he has to wait an average of five years.

The melting point of chocolate is a little below our body temperature. That is why chocolate melts so deliciously in our mouth.

The opposite is often thought to be true, but chocolate does not cause acne.

Chocolate contains serotonin, a substance that triggers a feeling of happiness. That is why chocolate can be seen as a natural remedy against depressions; ideal to brighten up dark days.

Cocoa beans were initially used only to brew cocoa drinks. Only centuries later chocolate was eaten in solid form.