Take your moment. With Ovidias.

Take your moment. With Ovidias.

A busy job. A busy household. And an even busier schedule. Sometimes you just need a moment to yourself. So why wouldn't you take that moment? One chocolate makes all the stress disappear. White, milk or dark? With a praliné or a creamy filling? Just for yourself or to share? It's your moment. Everything's possible.

Dropped the kids off at school? Check. Grocery shopping?Check. Dry cleaner's, check. Took Jason to soccer, check. Put dinner on the table, check. Read a bedtime story, check. Me time with Ovidias' chocolate? Double check!

My schedule can get pretty hectic. That's why I always have a Maximo can with me. The extra large buchettes with a praliné filling stand for maximum pleasure. I've earned that. 

As a DJ, I can hit the decks all night long. No problem! A couple of chocolates are the perfect boost to keep me going until the break of dawn. At the same time, each chocolate represents a moment to myself. A quiet moment, although I'm constantly surrounded by decibels. These Ovidias chocolates are so good ánd easy to take with me everywhere I go.

The Fondante can as a late night snack sounds good to me. My favourite chocolate? Definitely the Manon. Dark chocolate and a mocha creamy filling: it's exactly the boost I need!

After a succesful day, I reward myself. After a regular work day, I take one. Because I want to. And when I'm feeling a bit down? I take at least two. Sometimes I even let myself go completely. Because I allow myself to do so. It's my own special moment, between my Ovidias chocolate and me.

I have to make decisions every day. But not during my Ovidias moment. I just let the Classico can surprise me. Milk, dark or white chocolate? The can makes the decision for me. Now that's what I call relaxing.

After my workout it's time for a little reward. Good idea, I earned it! And it instantly improves my mood. Besides, if you're going to sin, you can better do it right. And these Ovidias cans just fit in my sports bag perfectly. I never leave the house without 'm.

I always push myself to the limit. The Venetia can is my gold medal. There's only 6 chocolates in a can, so I always enjoy them with moderation. And thanks to the special packaging, the Ovidias chocolates always arrive at my doorstep in the best possible condition. 

What's your moment?

Everyone is entitled to some me time every now and then. It doesn't matter when. It doesn't matter where. Ovidias' Belgian chocolates in a can are easy to take with you wherever you go. Moreover, every chocolate is individually wrapped to maintain its delicious taste. Your moment or our moment? You decide.

Chocolate. Obviously. Ovidias.

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