Chocolate for a better memory? It’s possible!

Chocolate for a better memory? It’s possible!

In one of our previous news articles we talked about the fact that dark chocolate has health benefits for your heart. Now American scientists found that chocolate can also improve a bad memory. They conducted a study of which the results have been published in the Nature Neuroscience magazine.

The secret? The antioxidant flavanol.

Flavanol seems to be chocolate’s secret weapon when it comes to a better memory. This antioxidant is known to reduce age-related memory loss. Scientists came to this conclusion after conducting a study where healthy adults (between the ages of 50 and 69) drank an antioxidant-rich mix every day for three months straight. A control group had a different drink that contained less flavanol.

The first group, that drank the highest dose of flavanols, scored over 25% better on a memory test than the control group. Dr. Scott A. Klein, neurologist and researcher at the Columbia University Medical Centre, concluded that their memory functioned like the memory of people 10 or 20 years younger.

Chocolate for a better memory: a small detail. 

The participants of this experiment got to drink a significant amount of antioxidants every day. To correspond to this amount, you would have to eat a lot of chocolate. This means Ovidias-chocolates won’t necessarily improve your memory… But they do taste delicious ;-)