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Love package (3 x 2 cans of 95g)

Love package

Specially mixed for you:
Whatever the occasion, our Love package gives you a mixture of extremely delicious chocolate. Whether it is a special day, a beloved person, or just because... You always have an excuse to order these delicious Belgian chocolates. The excellent chocolate gift!

£ 18,60

Friendship package (6 cans of 95g)

Special edition Friendship package

Thank or congratulate your nearest and dearest, family or friends with this lovely, unique gift.
For special occasions or just for the sake of it. There doesn’t always have to be a reason for real Belgian chocolate!

£ 18,60

Sweet package (3 x 2 cans of 95g)

Sweet package

Specially mixed for you:
Enjoy a mixture of Belgian chocolates with a delicious soft praliné filling. For the person you love or someone special, for the traditional praliné addict, or for the sweet tooth who wants maximum pleasure thanks to our “extra large” chocolates.




£ 18,60

Cheers package (2 x 3 cans of 95g)

Special edition Cheers package

Say it with chocolate. That’s all you need to congratulate friends and family. It’s always a celebration with this tasty range of the best chocolate with delicious praliné filling!

£ 18,60

Relax package (2 x 3 cans of 95g)

Special edition Relax package

What do you give a colleague, friend or family member as a gift for their retirement? Right, a nice package with the finest Belgian chocolate. And then it's time to relax and enjoy delicious Ovidias chocolates.

£ 18,60

Triocolor package (3 x 2 cans of 95g)

Triocolor package

Specially mixed for you:
Experience the sensation of white chocolate, milk chocolate and the best dark chocolate. With our Tricolor package you will experience the traditional taste of praliné and the simply delicious taste of our cream chocolates with soft cream filling.



£ 18,60

Enjoy package (3 x 2 cans of 95g)

Enjoy package

Specially mixed for you:
Your favourite flavours together in one package. Let these Belgian chocolates melt on your tongue and enjoy the full taste of real chocolate – a delicious experience.


£ 18,60