Ovidius, ambassador of the sweet delights

Meet Ovidius, ambassador of the sweet delights

Someone who enjoyed life to the fullest. Who spoiled his senses with the best wine and the tastiest food.
That was Ovidius.

The Roman writer Ovidius is rightly seen as the icon of the bon vivant. His love for everything that tastes good inspired us to name our brand after him. To us, he is the ambassador of the sweet delights - an emblem that guarantees the quality and craftsmanship of Ovidias.

The world of Ovidius comes to life

Our packaging brings the world of Ovidius back to life. Various elements subtly refer to his story and make the connection between past and present, between Ovidius and Ovidias:

  • The book with the bookmark refers to our many years of family tradition, experience and knowledge of the sector.
  • The laurel wreath stands for the high quality of our chocolates. We only use quality ingredients and do not add any preservatives.
  • The quill indicates that our chocolates are completely Belgian.
  • The column literally stands for our solid craftsmanship. All our fillings are home-made according to recipes from our own kitchen.
  • The stars embody the accessible luxury that our chocolates offer. Delicious, high-quality chocolate that gives everyone a little moment of happiness.


Ovidias chocolates, there is poetry in them

As a tribute, we make the connection with Ovidius' literary works of art through our latest collections. There is the Amores collection that refers to his first major work, and the Poetry collection that refers to his poems.

  • Amores: This collection contains chocolates that have been part of our classics since 1978. Enjoy different fillings based on the best praline, creamy cream and delicious ganache.
  • Poetry: With the Poetry collection, we lift our original recipes to a higher level. Form, filling and decoration come together to form a perfect match, and thanks to the smaller chocolates, the refined flavours are even more pronounced.

Discover our new collections and enjoy the world of Ovidius.
A world in which taste, quality and enjoyment are central.