That’s why you have to combine red wine and chocolate

The combination of red wine and dark chocolate is delicious, everyone can agree on that. But now a recent study showed that this mix also keeps the mind sharp and lively. Continue reading and discover why.

Healthy substances in red wine and chocolate

Red wine and dark chocolate contain polyphenols: organic chemicals that help dilate arteries and increase blood flow to the brain. By combining red wine and chocolate, more oxygen and sugar flows to your brain. This makes it easier to, for example, do quick calculations. This was shown by a study conducted by the university of Northumbria.

A closer look at the study

For this study, a group of healthy adults took a capsule of resveratrol, the so-called wonder ingredient in red wine. After taking this capsule in combination with chocolate, they took a couple of tests. Scans showed that the blood flow to their brain indeed increased. Normally this process decreases with age; that’s why greater improvements were seen in the elderly – said researcher Emma Wightman.

So is it good to eat huge amounts of red wine and chocolate?

To take in the same amount of resveratrol used in the study, you would have to drink lots of bottles of red wine. Not the greatest news for the occasional wine lover. But let us not beat about the bush: the combination of red wine and dark chocolate is still delicious. So modestly enjoying it is absolutely permitted ;-)