Belgian chocolates in a can

Ovidias. Better together.

A coffee break with a friend, a family dinner or a lunch with your mother? Ovidias chocolates always fit. White, milk or dark, our chocolates make of each moment an unforgettable time to share.

You laugh together, you dance together and you cry together. You share everything with your friends, even your chocolates. Whether you all sit in the couch or hang around the table after dinner, a can of Ovidias chocolates makes every moment even better. 

Your Ovidias chocolates, you eat them to celebrate a success, to cheer her up after a fall, or just because it can. Each chocolate is a moment you’re longing for, together. White chocolate, hazelnut or filled with mocha, you’ll always find your favourite flavour in our cans.

Mother-daughter moments are precious. You don’t want to be disturbed by anything. Except maybe by the sound of an Ovidias can which goes open. Of course, you're reaching out for the same chocolate filled with cream. Like mother, like daughter.

Ovidias chocolates stand for quality moments, and our cans are made to be shared. Drop the word ‘chocolates’ and you’ll see all eyes sparkle. Celebrate the holidays with Ovidias !

Every moment is an Ovidias moment.

You can take our chocolates cans everywhere with you. Surprise your family and friends with an unexpected treat. There is an Ovidias chocolate left? Every chocolate is indivually wrapped so the taste stays. So you can enjoy your own moment later.


Chocolate. Obviously. Ovidias. 


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