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The tastiest Belgian chocolates since 1978

How it all began

The story of Ovidias began with the late Frans Vangertruyden. He grew up in a world of confectionery, a family tradition dating back to 1932. From 1978 he focused on crafting traditional marzipan figures and coconut bars.

Speciality stores in Belgium and the neighbouring countries were his loyal patrons. The traditional production of Belgian chocolates was the logical, not to mention very important next step in the company’s history.

Ovidias, blending tradition and innovation

During his career, Frans Vangertruyden continued to strive for perfection and innovation, even in the traditional field of chocolate.

The chocolates were first launched under the name Ovidias in 1989. 

Less than a decade later, in 1998, there was a revolution in the chocolates sector: Ovidias was the first manufacturer deciding to pack its chocolates individually. It was awarded the patent on the unique tin packaging for its chocolates.

Second generation chocolate-maker

In 2017, daughter Miet Vangertruyden took over the company to carry on the family tradition. The second generation joined the family business. 

Each day, a strong and specialised Ovidias team is ready to give everything it has, thanks to our many years of experience in the sector. We manage the nature of our chocolate and the processing right down to the last detail. We are only satisfied with the best ingredients, delicious recipes from our own kitchen and – perhaps most importantly – an incredible passion for chocolate!

The result? Delicious Belgian chocolates of the highest quality.


Our company


The tastiest Belgian chocolates since 1978

The name...

Ovidias – or Ovidius as he is called in Latin – was known in ancient Rome for his impertinent verses. He was a real bon-vivant in all aspects of life.

He spoiled his senses with the finest wines and the most delicious food. Unfortunately, he was born a few centuries too early to get to know the pleasures of traditional chocolates.

His preference for everything that is good, inspired us to name our brand after him.

The name...
Today ...

Today ...

... Ovidias is famous far and wide because of its fresh Belgian chocolates with home-made filling, with a full and creamy taste. The filling is prepared traditionally with only the very best ingredients.

Real chocolate lovers choose Ovidias Belgian chocolates because their unique taste experience and freshness definitely stand out.

High-end processes

The Ovidias production department, with a surface area of about 3000m², now has the most high-end production processes which are constantly innovated .

However, in its endeavour to provide top quality products, Ovidias never lost sight of the consumer experience. The taste and enjoyment of the very best Belgian chocolates is always what matters most.

High-end processes


Not only the processes define the chocolate experience. That is why, in the past years, besides the quality of its chocolates, Ovidias also paid a lot of attention to the packaging.

Every chocolate is individually wrapped in a freshpack. We think you should be the first one to touch these delicious chocolates. That sounds about right, doesn’t it?

The chocolate freshpack also offers several advantages:

  • extremely suited to store fresh chocolates at refrigerator temperature
  • protects the chocolate against negative influences like condensation and bacteria

Our chocolates should be stored refrigerated between 0 and +7°C. This is how the taste is conserved and the shelf life extended, even for our cream chocolates.

Upon delivery the consumer receives a fully conditioned product. This contributes to the quality and freshness of these extraordinary tasty Belgian chocolates. This is the only packaging concept worldwide which guarantees that you can taste the full extent of these delicious Belgian chocolates.

Because you should be the first one to touch this precious chocolate”