5 advantages of Belgian chocolates in a can

5 advantages of Belgian chocolates in a can

The packaging of our Belgian chocolates has always been very important to us. For example, you can not only buy our more traditional boxes of chocolates, but also cans filled with delicious chocolates. In what’s next, we will tell you more about the advantages of this unique packaging!


Discover our Belgian chocolates in a can


1. A unique chocolate gift

Belgian chocolates in a can, it’s definitely something that catches the eye. Thanks to this unique concept, every Ovidias can is a true eye catcher and a great unique gift. To accentuate this originality even more, we offer you the possibility to design your own label. That way you will get an even more unique, personalized chocolate gift.


2. Belgian chocolates of constant quality

A can full of Belgian chocolates is not only a pleasure for the eye. This packaging, combined with the freshpacks, constantly keeps the chocolates in a perfect condition. It conserves their full and creamy taste so that you can enjoy a rich and intense flavour – time and time again.


3. Enjoy your Belgian chocolates even longer

The traditional Ovidias recipe mainly contains natural flavours. No preservatives are added. And thanks to the special packaging, that’s not even necessary – the can guarantees a longer shelf life. That way you can enjoy our delicious Belgian chocolates even longer!


4. Be the first one to touch these chocolates

Why we pay so much attention to our packaging? Because we think you should be the first one to touch these delicious chocolates. The combination of the can and the freshpacks contributes to a perfect hygiene and protects the chocolate against negative influences like condensation and bacteria.


5. Private individual or professional? A chocolate gift is always welcome

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Chocolate is always a good idea. That’s why we do not only offer gift possibilities for private individuals, but also for companies. A little something for your employees or a business gift for your customers? Contact us for more information.


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