5 situations every chocoholic will recognize

5 situations every chocoholic will recognize

Are you fond of chocolate? Or do you like to eat it so much you would call yourself addicted? Then chances are high you are a true chocoholic. If these situations sound familiar to you, you can even be pretty sure about it!

1. Without chocolate, you get agitated

There’s always a piece of chocolate hiding somewhere in the drawers of your desk. It’s a must-have on stressful days (or when you just feel like snacking).

2. A jar of chocolate spread is never safe around you

Chocolate paste only meant as a bread spread? No way: you can easily handle the jar of chocolate spread with a tea spoon, albeit without anyone noticing. 

3. Chocolate is the best kind of reward

Getting the children ready for school on time, wrestling through a tough meeting, going to the gym after work, … You accept every challenge with a smile – because you always reward yourself with chocolate.

4. Fruit and chocolate? It’s all the same to you

Your idea of a healthy dessert? Fruit… To dip in a chocolate fountain! Besides, chocolate comes from cocoa, which grows on a tree. That makes chocolate a fruit, right?

5. You are always happy when someone gives you chocolate

By now, everybody around you knows you are fond of chocolate. That’s why, as a present for your birthday or for Christmas, people always give you chocolate. Not that you mind though.

Congratulations, you are a true chocoholic!

Do all these situations sound pretty familiar to you? If so, you are a true chocoholic! And that’s not at all a bad thing, at least if you enjoy this sweet goodness moderately. For example, did you know that dark chocolate is good for your heart? And that it can improve your memory?

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