9 Steps to tasting chocolate

9 Steps to tasting chocolate

You don’t have to be an expert to know that chocolate tastes really good. But you can go one step further and really taste chocolate, just like tasting wine. Follow these 9 steps to taste and enjoy our chocolates to the fullest:

  1. In order to really taste the chocolate, it’s important that there’s no other flavors left in your mouth. Otherwise, you won’t be able to distinguish the different subtle tastes in our chocolates. To do this, drink a glass of water or eat an unsalted cracker. 
  2. Make sure that the portions of chocolate are big enough, so that you can take in the whole evolution of the different tastes. About 10 g is the minimum portion size
  3. Cold temperatures make it harder to distinguish different tastes. That’s why we recommend you to take our chocolates out of the refrigerator about half an hour before consumption. 
  4. What we see also has an impact on the way we taste things. So, have a look at the chocolate before eating it. Can you see some kind of a white film covering the chocolate? No problem: this happens when chocolates are stored too hot. The film won’t impact the taste and disappears when the chocolate melts in your mouth.  
  5. Now, let the tasting begin! Bite the piece of chocolate in half and try to smell the chocolate whilst doing this. The aroma is also an important component of flavor. 
  6. Let the chocolate melt on your tongue. Chew it only to break the chocolate into smaller pieces that melt easier. That way, the cocoa butter can distribute evenly in your mouth and mute some possibly bitter undertones. 
  7. Carefully observe the taste and the texture of the chocolate. Concentrate on the flavors that are enveloping your tongue. For example, chocolate of a lower quality will have a more grainy texture. 
  8. The chocolate has now almost completely melted. Did you notice the texture or taste evolving? Did the chocolate taste bitter, heavy, or rather light? Was the texture grainy or soft? 
  9. Repeat this process with another chocolate and try to distinguish the differences in their taste.


Which Ovidias chocolate is your favorite?

Did you make it through all 9 steps? Then you can now taste our heavenly chocolates and find out which one is your favorite. Would you like to give all our different chocolates a try, then we recommend the Infinito can, who won a golden star at the ITQI Superior Taste Award 2017! Milk, pure or white: this can contains a great mix of all the classics. Happy tasting!


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