Chardonnay Sublime: a unique, festive chocolate from Limburg

Chardonnay Sublime: a unique, festive chocolate from Limburg

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, chocolatier Ovidias joined forces with the Genoels-Elderen Wine Castle. This collaboration has resulted in the Chardonnay Sublime. A delicious, decidedly Limburg-flavoured holiday chocolate that pairs perfectly with a glass of champagne.

In its search for the ultimate festive flavour for its anniversary chocolate, Ovidias quickly decided on the Genoels-Elderen Wine Castle, which, just like Ovidias, is a leading Limburg business that guarantees craftsmanship and quality.

Together, they perfected the flavour of the Chardonnay Sublime, a cream-filled chocolate that perfectly marries the delicious Ovidias Belgian chocolate with the refreshing flavour of the Wine Castle’s chardonnay grape.

The Chardonnay Sublime is an extraordinary chocolate with a divinely fruity filling that is best when paired with a glass of wine or champagne.

The Chardonnay Sublime packaging is also unique; this chocolate is presented in a festive wine crate that suits any occasion.

Ovidias is using this to give today’s starting shot for even more new and surprising developments!