Surprise customers and employees with a personalised business gift

Surprise customers and employees with a personalised business gift

The backbone of any company is its people. All the more reason to pay tribute to your staff from time to time. The same goes for your customers: without them, your business cannot run. With a personalised business gift, you let your customers and employees know that you appreciate their efforts and loyalty. And what gift is better than chocolate?

Why a personalised business gift?

A nice business gift is always well received, but with a personalised gift you go one step further. By printing a business gift with your logo and a personal message, it suddenly becomes much more special than a standard gift.
Moreover, you put your company in the spotlight and draw attention in an original way, especially with chocolate in a personalised packaging. Every time a chocolate is taken out of the box, your company's logo will stand out - even when your customer or staff member shares his or her chocolate with others.

Discover our chocolate business gifts

Ovidias is the ideal partner for chocolate business gifts. As a business customer you have several possibilities to personalise the packaging of the chocolates:

Personalised can with own label
Our original cans are a nice business gift anyway. However, via the tool on our website, you can also very easily design your own label, with e.g. custom colours, a self-selected image and a personal message. This way, you get a completely personalised can.


Personalised ballotin with your own sticker
The same goes for our 500 g ballotins. Choose a mix of chocolates with praliné, a mix of Manons or a mix of pure chocolates and design the sticker that goes on the box yourself. Here, too, you can choose the colours, text and image yourself.



Ballotin with personalised sleeve
Finally, you can also choose a ballotin of 275 g, 375 g or 500 g with a sleeve around it. You can also personalise these luxury gift boxes with your company logo or message.


Ovidias takes care of you from A to Z

You can easily order your personalised business gifts online and have them delivered to your home or company, all over Europe. We take care of the follow-up from A to Z.


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Don't forget the end of the year

Business gifts are particularly popular in the autumn and winter. Here too, our Belgian chocolates in personalised packaging are an excellent choice. Read more about it on this page or order your personalised business gift online right away