Artisanal chocolates with homemade fillings

Artisanal chocolates with homemade fillings

"Producing the most delicious Belgian chocolates" is the passion of the Ovidias team. We want to offer every chocolate lover a unique taste experience. That is why we only settle for ingredients of the highest quality and prepare all our fillings in our own kitchen, according to traditional Ovidias recipes.

All fillings made in-house

Our greatest strength is that we make all fillings in our own kitchen. This may seem self-evident, but it is anything but. Many chocolatiers buy their fillings ready-made. 

By preparing our fillings ourselves, we are able to constantly refine, improve and renew our recipes. So you can count on the tastiest Belgian chocolates, with a new flavour introduced on a regular basis.

Only the best is good enough for our Belgian chocolates

With a home-made filling, a chocolatier can really show his skills. That is why we only use high-quality natural ingredients and natural flavourings in our recipes.

We make sure that all the raw materials we use are GMO certified, which means that they have not been genetically manipulated. We also work with cocoa that comes from sustainable agriculture.

Finally, we do not add preservatives or colouring agents to our traditional fillings so you can always enjoy delicious and honest Belgian pralines.


Artisanal chocolates according to 6 pillars

All our goals and convictions are contained in 6 pillars on which our brand is built. Each of these pillars is related to an ancient symbol, in order to make the link with our ambassador Ovidius:
-    The laurel wreath: natural ingredients
-    The chocolate: no preservatives
-    The quill : 100% Belgian chocolate
-    The book with bookmark: more than 40 years of experience
-    The pillar: craftsmanship
-    The stars: accessible luxury for everyone

This is how our team works every day to provide you with the most delicious Belgian chocolates.

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