New in our product range: half chocolate Easter eggs

New in our product range: half chocolate Easter eggs

Easter is not complete without chocolate Easter eggs... And from now on you can find them at Ovidias too! We are expanding our assortment with unique Easter egg halves that are available in two different packages. So if you are looking for special Easter chocolate, then you’ve come to the right place!

How did the tradition of chocolate Easter eggs come about?

Easter and chocolate eggs: nowadays you can't imagine them apart. But how exactly did this tradition originate?

The tradition of Easter eggs in itself comes from Christianity. In the past, people were not allowed to eat eggs during Lent (the period before Easter), which meant that there were many eggs left over at Easter. These were then decorated or eaten as a symbol of the rebirth of Christ.

The first chocolate Easter eggs were made in the 18th century. However, these were not Easter eggs as we know them: they were blown-out chicken eggs, filled with chocolate. This was a real luxury product and only the richest could afford these chocolate eggs. 

Over the years, different types of chocolate Easter eggs appeared on the market and the product also became much more accessible.

Original Easter egg halves in nice packaging

One of the pillars on which Ovidias rests is offering accessible luxury. A small moment of happiness that everyone can enjoy. So chocolate Easter eggs could not be missing from our product range.

Our original half Easter eggs are available in white, dark and milk chocolate. Each of these eggs has a delicious praline filling that is artisanally prepared, as usual.

Especially for these chocolate eggs, we designed two new packages: a nice box (175 g) and a can (92 g), both with a mix of Easter eggs in white, milk and dark chocolate.

Order your chocolate easter eggs online

You can easily order these original chocolate Easter eggs online. Have them delivered to your home or as a surprise for family or friends. Who knows, the Easter Bunny might even hide a few cans in the grass …

Do you have questions about ordering Easter eggs online, shipping, payment, or anything else? Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us directly. Happy Easter!