Our Manon chocolate, a tasty classic

Our Manon chocolate, a tasty classic

The Ovidias range of chocolates now consists of more than 100 different types. The chocolate experts of our R&D department are constantly thinking about new flavours, but we also hang on to a number of classics. The most famous of these is undoubtedly our Manon. Why is this Manon chocolate such a tasty classic? We'd be happy to tell you.

What is a Manon chocolate?

The Manon is filled with an airy buttercream filling to which a flavour is often added. The best-known version of the Manon is the one with a crunchy layer of white chocolate and a coffee-flavoured cream filling. 
However, you will find many other flavours in our range too. Flavours such as: vanilla, pistachio, strawberry and lemon, coated in dark, white or milk chocolate.

Chocolates elevated to an art form

To us, chocolates are more than just a tasty sweet. We see the making of Manons as a real art. All fillings are prepared in our own kitchen according to traditional Ovidias recipes, so that you can enjoy chocolates of the highest quality.

In addition, we believe it is important to use only natural ingredients. We add no preservatives, no colourings and no palm oil to our chocolates. So when you taste our Manons, you only experience the pure taste of real Belgian chocolate.

A colourful Manon mix

Our range includes different types of Manon chocolates, all of which are worth tasting. 

For example, there is the Manon mix with coffee, strawberry and marzipan, or the Amores Fruit mix with mango and passion fruit, lemon and raspberry, among others. However, the most unique Manon chocolate is the Manon Ruby: a beautiful pink Manon chocolate made of Ruby chocolate.

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