Why are Ovidias chocolates individually wrapped?

Why are Ovidias chocolates individually wrapped?

Those who are familiar with Ovidias chocolates will know that each chocolate is packaged individually. One of the reasons we do this is to guarantee the freshness of the chocolates for as long as possible, however, this is not the only reason. By using this individual packaging we also limit our own plastic consumption. 


Fresh packs vs. traditional blister packs

“All that individual packaging, is it really necessary?” - we often hear this question, and quite right too. After all, many other chocolate makers use the familiar blister packs to package their chocolate. 

Such blister packs look attractive of course, as each chocolate has its own special compartment, however, research demonstrates that these blister packs contain almost twice as much plastic as our individual wrappers. An Ovidias ballotin box with individually-wrapped chocolates therefore contains half as much plastic as a ballotin box with a blister pack, which is a significant difference when you consider how many chocolates are produced in the world each day.


A critical look at packaging

At Ovidias, we always consider the packaging that we use very carefully, and this goes beyond our fresh packs. The same mindset applies to our aluminium cans. We consciously opted for cans from Ball, as the global leader in innovative and sustainable metal packaging for food and other use. Their aluminium cans are 100% recyclable and can be endlessly reused with no loss of quality. Read more on the subject on Ball’s own website.


Ovidias, blending tradition and innovation

Our greatest challenge lies in permanently thinking one step ahead; in order to continue developing and improving our products. Not only in terms of recipe, but packaging too. We want you to keep surprising you with delicious Belgian chocolates, while also contributing to a better environment. In this way, everyone can enjoy the perfect match between tradition and innovation.