Why you should keep Ovidias chocolates in a cool place

Why you should keep Ovidias chocolates in a cool place

Of course you want to enjoy your box or can full of delicious Ovidias chocolates for as long as possible. That is why we recommend keeping some of our chocolates in the fridge, between 0 and 7°C. But why is that? And what are the advantages? We’ll tell you all about it.

Do you have to keep all your chocolates in the fridge?

It never hurts to keep your chocolates cool. However, this is especially true for our Manons and our pralines with ganache. These are made with fresh butter and cream, without added preservatives. You will therefore never find E numbers on the ingredients list. If you would store these chocolates outside of the fridge, they would no longer be good after 2 weeks. And that would be a pity of course!

A longer lifespan to avoid wastage

By storing our Manons and ganache chocolates in the refrigerator, they will last much longer - up to 3 months. So you can enjoy your favourite Ovidias chocolates in peace, or keep a box for an unexpected visitor. On top of that, this longer lifespan prevents food waste.
Tip: Do you want to fully enjoy the unique taste of our pralines? Then take them out of the fridge half an hour before consumption so that they can reach room temperature. That's when the chocolates are at their best.

More tips for storing chocolate

By storing some chocolates in the fridge, you can be sure they will last up to 3 months. There are also a few other tips to keep in mind when storing your chocolates. Read more about this in our article "How to store chocolate".
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