Dark chocolate for a good night’s sleep

Dark chocolate for a good night’s sleep

Good news for everyone that enjoys a piece of dark chocolate every now and then. Research shows that this kind of chocolate can help you sleep better.

What’s the link between chocolate and sleep? 

Every one of us has a natural body clock; a congenital mechanism that tells our body when it’s time to sleep, to wake up, etcetera. The fuel that regulates this clock is magnesium - and dark chocolate happens to be rich in this mineral. To keep it simple: dark chocolate helps your body realize when it’s time to sleep, and that will lead to a better night’s rest.

And there’s not only benefits for your sleep

Your biological clock does not only regulate your sleep cycle. Multiple other functions of the human body (such as hormones, metabolism and body temperature) are affected by this mechanism. That is why, thanks to magnesium, your body will have a better immune system. You can consider taking magnesium supplements, but a healthy diet is still the most important. And yes, a piece of dark chocolate fits in that diet perfectly!

A chocolate before going to sleep

Next to all the other reasons, such as a better memory and a positive effect on the heart, this is another good excuse to enjoy chocolate without feeling guilty. Our advice? Keep a Fondante can close for your daily chocolate dose ;-) Goodnight!

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