Discover how our ingredients guarantee the best chocolates

Discover how our ingredients guarantee the best chocolates

The production of delicious, high quality chocolates already starts with choosing the ingredients. No wonder we pay so much attention to the selection of the right components. Are you curious to know how we make sure our chocolates are absolutely delicious? Read on, we would love to tell you our secret!


Real ingredients, real quality

Ovidias chocolates are made with real Belgian chocolate. No artificial flavours or colours are added; we only use natural aromas. Other than that, we only use real cream and butter, and that becomes clear when you have a taste of our chocolates. They all have this creamy, rich flavour… That you just can’t get enough of!


Real Belgian chocolate by Barry Callebaut

The liquid Belgian chocolate by Barry Callebaut forms the basis of our chocolates. This chocolate contains 100% cocoa butter, made from cocoa beans of superior quality. A careful selection of the origin and harvest, combined with the way these beans are being processed, gives our chocolates that typical heavenly taste.


Our chocolates are constantly evolving

Innovation means moving forward, and that also applies to Ovidias chocolates. Our specialized Research & Development team is constantly seeking to improve the existing procedures. Furthermore, they are always developing new tastes.

For example, have you already tried our chocolates with mango-passion fruit taste? The new Velluto can contains 6 delicious cream chocolates with a soft mango-passion fruit filling – perfect to combine with a glass of sparkling wine on a summer’s day!

Taste our newest chocolates!


Delicious chocolates made from real Belgian chocolate

By exclusively using superior ingredients, we make sure that our chocolates are super tasty and of the highest quality. If you store the chocolates in your refrigerator (0°C to +7°C), this quality is guaranteed.

By the way, did you know that we have 40 years of experience in this sector? And that our chocolates hold multiple quality labels? Read all about it in this article. Or just try our chocolates yourself!

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