Food pairing with ruby chocolate: ideal for the end of the year

Food pairing with ruby chocolate: ideal for the end of the year

The New Year's festivities are coming up again. Traditionally, this is the moment when many people dive into their cookbooks to collect festive recipes. With this article, we would like to help you out. Our newest Ruby chocolate is in fact ideal to combine with numerous ingredients, so that you can conjure up some surprising dishes on the table this year!


What is ruby chocolate?

Ruby is the new, 4th type of chocolate after dark, milk and white chocolate. This pink chocolate is the most unusual chocolate discovery in 80 years and surprises with a completely new colour and taste experience. Ruby is made from the special ruby bean and contains no dyes or fruit flavors. The natural taste is fruity, with fresh acids, without the classic bitterness of cocoa.


Tasty combinations with pink chocolate

Thanks to its fruity and slightly sour taste, ruby chocolate offers many new combination possibilities. With a drink, as a snack, with a cheese platter or even with the main course: these food pairing ideas are enchantingly tasty!


Drink and appetiser

Ruby chocolate basically fits with everything that bubbles. Ideal for the holidays! Especially rosé champagne and sweet white dessert wine are a good combination, but also drinks with fruity notes (such as fruit beer, strawberry gin or cocktails with cherries, strawberry or violet liqueur) match perfectly with this pink chocolate. Finally, you can also combine the Ruby chocolate with green tea.



You can serve ruby chocolate not only with a sparkling aperitif drink, but also with aperitif bites. The salty taste of nuts or popcorn forms a perfect balance with the acid-sweet notes of the pink chocolate.



Thanks to its unique taste, the Ruby chocolate pairs best with zestful, strongly spiced dishes with eg. rosemary, pepper and even wasabi. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with fish and seafood such as cod, crab, oysters, caviar or salmon, and also with vegetables such as sweet potato, pumpkin and carrot.


Cheese platter

Is there a cheese platter on the party menu? Then put some Ruby chocolates with strong cheeses such as Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Camembert.


Ovidias and ruby: a perfect match!

Ovidias is strong in developing fillings, completely according to its own recipe.

That is why our Research & Development team has developed a unique ruby filling based on the ruby chocolate. The filling includes butter, cream and a fresh touch of pomegranate. This chocolate is launched in a Limited Edition in our brand new luxury packaging including 9 Manons with ruby filling. The ideal gift for the end of the year!


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