Have a sweet end-of-the-year with food pairing

Have a sweet end-of-the-year with food pairing

You may have heard about food pairing, where ingredients are combined based on their flavour components. Would you like to offer something special during one of the many festive dinners that are just around the corner? Be sure to try out these three chocolate based combinations.


What exactly is food pairing?

Food pairing is all about combining foods based on their flavour components. The goal of food pairing? To create delicious new combinations – even when they don’t seem like a perfect match at first.


Food pairing with chocolates

Cheese and chocolate

Cheese boards are a popular dessert, often accompanied by sweet products such as figs and raisins. So, it’s not all that strange that chocolate can be combined perfectly with cheese. Our recommendation? Parmesan cheese with the Hexagon in dark chocolate. Both have a sharp and slightly bitter taste, with a hint of nuts.


Chocolates and avocado

Avocado has a full, creamy taste – perfect for desserts. If you like avocado, try making a pudding by combining avocado with honey, vanilla extract and almond milk. Serve it all up in festive glasses and offer a chocolate with every portion. A surprisingly good combination is avocado and white chocolate. You’re guaranteed to score with our white Truffle.


Beer and chocolate

Beer and chocolate both have a complex combination of flavours. Choose a fruity rosé beer with white or milk chocolate and possibly a hint of fruit, such as our strawberry filled Manon. Or combine a stout with dark chocolate. This will soften the bitter taste of the beer and intensify the taste of the chocolate.


Will you try food pairing this holiday season?

If you like to experiment in the kitchen, be sure to try these combinations. It will give your Christmas dinners a unique touch that will definitely be appreciated by your guests.