How does Ovidias ensure the quality of its chocolates?

How does Ovidias ensure the quality of its chocolates?

When you ask our team members what their passion is, every single one of them will answer: “to produce the very best Belgian chocolates”. But that is not our only goal. Our chocolates are not only tasty, they are also of the highest quality. In this article, you can read three ways in which we ensure the quality of our chocolates.


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Years of experience and love for the product

Everything started in 1978, when the late Frans Vangertruyden began to focus on crafting traditional marzipan figures and coconut bars. In 1989, the name ‘Ovidias’ first saw the light of day. It’s safe to say that our chocolates are the result of a 40-year-long family tradition, built on experience and knowledge, but above all love for the product. For us, the highest quality is a self-evident fact.


Ovidias recipes and carefully selected ingredients

Chocolate holds no secrets whatsoever for us – neither its characteristics nor the processing of it. We use this knowledge to prepare all fillings in our own kitchen, according to traditional Ovidias recipes. For doing this, we only use the best ingredients without adding any preservatives to our chocolates.


Multiple quality labels

Ovidias holds multiple quality labels, such as the quality standard certificates IFS, BRC and ACG. This means that we meet the strictest standards of the current legislation on food. Furthermore, all our chocolates are packed individually in a fresh pack. This pack protects the chocolate against condensation and bacteria, and makes sure that you are the first person to touch it.


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