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The finest Belgian chocolate

Our extensive range has been carefully developed to meet our customers’ needs as much as possible. For every sector, from supermarkets to wholesalers, companies to consumers, we offer products to suit the relevant needs.

Belgian chocolate in a can

Ovidias developed a unique concept and a patented packaging which makes sure the chocolates stay fresh longer, “without” adding preservatives. 

The freshness and unique taste of our chocolates remains intact.

Discover our range of cans filled with a selection of delicious chocolates. An original present or the perfect business gift. 

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The can offers many advantages:

  • conservation of full, creamy taste
  • constant quality
  • intense taste experience
  • no addition of preservatives
  • longer shelf life
  • hygienic
  • exclusion of moisture and bacteria

We deliver this unique and original product to consumers and companies.



Another important advantage of the can is the sustainability aspect in which the reuse without loss of quality is a major asset.
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Belgian chocolate in a can

Traditional and luxury giftpacks

Taste the sensation of white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate! Our giftpacks contain a mix of irresistible Belgian chocolates, including the traditional flavour of praliné and the delicious taste of our delicate cream-filled chocolates.  

Enjoy our chocolates in a traditional box

Enjoy our chocolates in a luxury box


Every chocolate is individually wrapped. We think you should be the first one to touch these delicious chocolates.

Supermarkets, wholesalers and companies (as a gift) can purchase this classic product.


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Traditional and luxury giftpacks

Catering Mix

Are you looking for a surprising treat to serve with coffee? Make sure that your restaurant, brasserie, café or hotel serves the very best in Belgian chocolates with a cup of coffee or as an extra goodie alongside dessert.  

Every chocolate is individually wrapped in a freshpack. In this way the freshness and unique taste of our chocolates remain intact. 

  • 8 Assortments
  • Content: box of 2 kg
  • Mix of white, milk and dark chocolate
  • Only available for professional clients

Discover our 8 assortments


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Catering Mix