Tasty brunch recipes and ideas

Tasty brunch recipes and ideas

It is not a real breakfast, but it is not a lunch either. A brunch is perfect for those who like to sleep a little longer but still want to enjoy something delicious. Below you will find delicious brunch recipes with chocolate (because admit it: chocolate tastes great every hour of the day!) and tips for a successful brunch. Perfect inspiration for your next Sunday brunch!


Brunch recipes with chocolate

Do you like baking? Then muffins with chocolates are ideal for your brunch. You can make the dough in advance and put it in the oven just before your brunch. This way, the chocolates will be nice and creamy when you serve the muffins. The same applies to homemade chocolate croissants. Place a praliné chocolates in the middle of the dough, roll it up and put the croissants in the oven just before your brunch. Or how about oatmeal cookies with speculoos chocolates? You can easily prepare this one day in advance.


If baking is not really your thing, there are also our fresh fruit chocolates. Highly recommended are our award-winning mango-passion fruit chocolate and the Chardonnay Sublime - perfect with a glass of bubbles during a festive brunch.


Finally, a brunch snack should not be missing from our brunch recipes, such as a cheese platter or slices of avocado. Real chocolate lovers can even combine these with chocolates!


Tips and ideas for a successful brunch

  • Choose a fun theme in advance and make a corresponding Spotify playlist. Ask your friends in advance for ideas and also give them access to the playlist.
  • It's a cliché, but: good preparation is half the battle. So look for a number of brunch recipes that you can prepare the day before and that only have to heat up the day itself, or can eat cold.
  • Present all dishes in buffet form. That way you don't have to walk around continuously and enjoy your brunch more yourself. Will there also be children? Then provide a separate buffet for them.
  • A brunch in the form of a buffet is also ideal to ensure a nice decoration. For example, present small snacks on a étagère - simple and beautiful! Place a nicely designed card with every dish with more information about the dish.


So, with these brunch ideas, your brunch is guaranteed to be a success! Do you want to order chocolates to use in your brunch recipes? Then take a look at our webshop and easily order your favourite chocolates online.