Together, we stand with Ukraine

Together, we stand with Ukraine

What is happening in Ukraine has affected us all. It is unimaginable how the lives of so many people have taken such a sudden and horrific turn. That is why Ovidias wants to support the people of Ukraine with the sales of our chocolates. You too can show your solidarity with the victims.

Belgian chocolates for charity

Besides our usual packaging, you’ll now be able to find the can ‘Support Ukraine’. It contains 6 Belgian chocolates with white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, all filled with soft praline that is created according to the original Ovidias recipe.

Each can costs € 2,99 of which the entire proceeds will go to 12-12. That way, we’ll support the many victims of this crisis together. You can easily order the can online at our webshop. If you want more information on shipping and delivery, you can find it in our FAQ-section.


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