Unique end-of-year teacher gifts

Unique end-of-year teacher gifts

Thanks to them, you don’t have to worry when you drop your children off at the school gate in the morning. They make sure your kids will have a great time at school, that they learn a lot, and they teach them the right values. You can always count on the teacher! All the more reason why you should surprise the teacher with a nice gift for the end of the school year.

A special can for a special teacher

A thank you gift doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Every teacher will be more than happy to receive a tasty and unique present at the end of the school year. And that’s where Ovidias comes in! We made a limited edition can specially for teachers, filled with delicious Belgian chocolates. The perfect end-of-year gift! Don’t wait too long and order this unique present online now!

Order the limited edition can specially for teachers


Personalise your gift for the teacher

Would you like to personalise your gift even more? No problem: you can also fully personalise our unique cans filled with delicious chocolates. This way, you can very easily design your own label on our can using our special tool. With a photo of your child, his / her name, a personal message It's up to you. 

Design your personalised can


Thank you teacher!

A thank you gift is always appropriate at the end of the school year. If you want to say thank you to the teacher, our thank you gifts are guaranteed to be a hit.

Our Thank You can is an original gift with a heart-warming message. The can contains a mix of 6 delicious chocolates in white, dark and milk chocolate.

Could it be more? Our Thank You box is filled with 200 g Belgian chocolates in white, dark and milk chocolate. On the back of the box you will also find a blank space to write a personal message to the teacher.

Enjoy your favourite chocolates safely

Each Ovidias chocolate is individually wrapped, both in the cans and in the boxes. That way everyone can safely grab their favourite chocolate! Moreover, this separate packaging not only ensures better hygiene, but also less plastic consumption compared to the traditional blisters. 

Want to know more? Watch the video in which we explain this further.

Get your summer off to a good start!

Thank the teacher!” in a special way with a delicious gift at the end of the school year. That way teachers, as well as children, can kick off the summer holidays the right way!