Unique godmother and godfather gifts

Unique godmother and godfather gifts

It is not an easy task to choose a godparent for your child. And once you've made the decision, you're not quite there yet: now you have to find a way to ask these people to be godfather or godmother. Of course you want to do something fun, which is preferably also unique – after all, it is a special moment. We have the perfect tip for unique godmother and godfather gifts.


Customised chocolate? That is something every beginner godmother and godfather will enjoy

There’s no doubt about it: almost everyone loves chocolate. And what’s even better than that? That’s right, customised chocolate! That is why we developed our unique cans, filled with delicious Belgian chocolates.

A can like that is a great gift anyway, but when asking someone to be a godfather or godmother to your child, something special is appropriate. That is why you can design your own label and create a unique can. With our special tool, this is a piece of cake. In this blogpost you will find out step by step how to create such a personalised can as a unique godmother or godfather gift.

Design your godfather or godmother gift



The perfect time to reveal your gift for godfather or godmother

Invite the unsuspecting future godfather or godmother and serve them a cup of tea or coffee with something tasty - very coincidentally your customised can with Ovidias chocolates. And then wait for their reaction! Do they realise the surprise immediately? Or does it take a while for them to process the question? Either way, both the chocolate and the question will be received well!


Not only as a unique godfather or godmother gift

Customised cans are not only the perfect gift to ask someone to be a godfather or godmother. These gifts will also be appreciated as a thank you gift after a baby shower! Read all about it in this article.

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