Business gifts

Delight your customers and colleagues with our chocolates.

Are you looking for an original gift or a small present for your employees?
Our chocolates are the perfect present to delight both customers and staff. Treat them to some delicious Belgian chocolates of the highest quality. 
You can choose between chocolates in a traditional packaging, chocolates in an original packaging or chocolates in a luxury packing.


Discover here our giftboxes of 500g, especially mixed for you.

Delight your customers and colleagues with our chocolates.

Cans containing the tastiest chocolates

Find out more about our large selection of cans containing the tastiest chocolates.

Are you looking for a personalised gift? That’s possible too. Personalise cans with your company logo, your own text in your company colours, or a fun design. Contact us for more information.



Wrap the cans in lovely gift wrap. You can choose between gift packaging for 2, 3 or 4 cans. Give an original gift in an original packaging!







Chardonnay Sublime chocolates

You can also choose our Chardonnay Sublime chocolates in a unique exclusive luxury packaging, discover it here.

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Our range of (business) gifts goes that little step further.

Chardonnay Sublime chocolates