Coffee and chocolate, an irresistible combination

Coffee and chocolate, an irresistible combination

There’s no denying it: a delicious coffee calls for an (equally delicious) piece of chocolate. The flavours complement each other perfectly and the chocolate immediately transforms that ordinary coffee into a small treat for yourself. Are you also completely infatuated with this tasty combination? Our pralines are definitely something for you, then.

An Ovidias chocolate for each cup of coffee

Coffee comes in many kinds and flavours - just like Ovidias’ pralines. The bitter taste of dark chocolate, the extra-sweet touch of white chocolate, the fresh hint of our fruit chocolates… There’s something for everyone. 
In addition to the classic flavours, you’ll find a great deal of innovative flavours. Let our chocolates with - among others - banana, speculoos or cocoa nibs surprise you!
Not a big fan of coffee, but a huge fan of chocolates and surprising combinations? You can also combine the Ovidias chocolates with tea, beer or even cheese and avocado. Read more about it in our article on food pairing.

Sustainable and practical to serve

Every Ovidias chocolate is packaged separately in a fresh pack. This way, we produce less plastic waste than the traditional blister packs and the flavour of the chocolates is preserved better.
But that’s not all: this packaging also prevents the chocolate from melting when you present them on a dish with a cup of coffee. So, if you always have a box of chocolates at hand to spoil your guests, the Ovidias chocolates are the perfect choice.

A moment of indulgence

Are you looking for the perfect chocolate to complete your daily coffee moment? Have a look at our online shop and discover our broad range of Belgian chocolates.
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