Gift ideas for Christmas and New Year

Gift ideas for Christmas and New Year

True to tradition, the holidays mean fun, being with family and of course presents. Not only kids enjoy receiving a present: adults love to be surprised with a little something too. No clue what to buy for Christmas or New Year this year? Then read on and discover why chocolate is the perfect end-of-year gift.


3 reasons to give chocolate as a gift

Parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters: it’s not always easy to find a suitable gift for each and every one of them. The classics include gift vouchers, wine or perfume, but you must admit: it is much more fun to give (and receive!) a unique gift. Why not give some delicious chocolates as a gift this Christmas?

  • Chocolates are the perfect sweet gift for Christmas or New Year. After all, chocolate is always appropriate! And by giving someone a can of Ovidias chocolates, you will be giving something even more unique.
  • Did you know chocolates really triggers happiness? When we eat chocolate, our body generates endorphins, a substance that has an analgesic effect and triggers a happy feeling. Read more about it in this article.
  • As if that isn’t enough, chocolate also appears to be beneficial for your memory. According to research, the antioxidant flavanol - which is present in chocolate – is supposed to reduce memory loss. Read more about it in this blogpost.


Delicious chocolates for Christmas or New Year

As you can see, chocolate really is the perfect end-of-year gift! If you are searching for a unique gift for Christmas or New Year, Ovidias is the place to be. Choose a traditional box, a unique can or a luxurious wooden box with our newest Chardonnay Sublime chocolate.


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