Surprise your valentine with chocolates

Surprise your valentine with chocolates

Love is... sharing your favourite chocolate with your loved one. And we would be happy to help you with that! Do you choose for sweet hearts, artisanal chocolates in an original packaging or maybe a fully personalised Valentine's Day gift? Everything is possible at Ovidias. Let us tell you why chocolate really is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day...


Why choose chocolate as a valentine's gift?

Of course chocolate is delicious, but there is more to it than that. The tradition of giving chocolate as a gift on Valentine's Day goes back a long way - even to the time of the Aztecs. They believed that chocolate fuels passion and love. And there’s actually some truth in that. Modern studies show that our bodies produce endorphins when we eat chocolate: the same substance we produce when we are in love. All the more reason to celebrate Valentine's Day with tasty chocolates!


Original valentine's gifts from Ovidias

Ovidias offers you delicious Belgian chocolates, made according to our own recipe. But of course, we know that the presentation is also very important. That is why we also created different packaging that you can give to your loved one on Valentine's Day.

Offer them your heart
Exclusively for Valentine's Day, you can now buy a box filled with heart chocolates. This box contains pieces of dark, white and milk chocolates, filled with soft praline. All of them were made with a lot of love.

Discover the valentine box


Go for original cans
Say "I love you" in an original way with the “I love you” can, send someone a hug with the “Hugs & Kisses” can, or simply offer pure love with the “Cupido” can. Each can is filled with 7 chocolates that will delight every chocolate lover.

Create a fully personalised wrapping
At Ovidias, we take chocolate very personally. Therefore you also have the possibility to personalise your packaging by designing your own label. A box or a can? The choice is yours. 

Design your own label for your chocolates

Order your chocolates for Valentine's Day online

Dark, milk or white chocolate: on our webshop, you’ll find Belgian chocolates in various flavours and packaging, ideal as a valentine gift. Make your choice and order your chocolate easily online. Within a few days you will receive the chocolates at home. Make it a sweet, loving Valentine's Day!

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